Telema MMT – Sales Force Automation


Telema MMT (Mobile Merchandising Tool) is the software solution that allows suppliers to:

  • drive sales by collecting and processing orders in real time
  • record out-of-stock situations and product layouts at shops
  • collect any information from the market
  • have better overview of the sales team performance

Gathered information is imported into your ERP/accounting software automatically and can be accessed through Telema Portal.

Value for the company:

  • Quicker and more exact sales process - Orders are received immediately after creation;
  • Less reporting
  • Zero paper
  • No double entry of data 
  • Fewer mistakes
  • More time for customer relations 
  • Smoother working process in the warehouse— orders are received throughout the day 
  • Decreased communication costs 


  • Rich application functionality
  • Ergonomics and ease of operations
  • A number of configurations: possibility to adapt to the customer’s needs
  • Comprehensive support during implementation
  • Web-based administration, accessible from everywhere


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Demo account:
Username: test@mmt
Password: testMMT123
Telema MMT runs on Android based smart devices.
Recommended Android version 3.0 or higher. 
Telema MMT runs on Android based smart devices

Telema MMT modules


For collecting orders at stores based on customer specific data. Orders are sent electronically into supplier’s ERP system in real time.  



For issuing invoices at the time of delivery. Invoices can be printed using a Bluetooth printer, and they can be sent electronically to supplier’s as well as to customer’s ERP system.  


For recording visits to stores. Agents can be provided with pre-determined visit plans. Visit reports are created on every visit; documents created during the visit (orders, surveys) are included in visit report. Telema Portal provides reports about sales agent’s visits that can be downloaded for further analysis.  The sales manager can thereby get good overview of sales team’s work – which client was visited when, did the visit result in order etc.


For filling surveys using the mobile device. When used with MMT Visits module, surveys can be targeted to specific customer groups or specific sales agents. Surveys can also be assigned as mandatory or voluntary, recurring or one-time. Telema Portal can be used for further analysis and overview.  


For quickly recording product availability (out-of-stock), presentation at stores and take photos of the layouts. Collect and analyse the data that drives sales, such as product availability, out-of-stock reasons, inventory, presentation, pricing, display and merchandising materials. Reports in Telema Portal are available for downloading for further analysis.

Telema MMT screenshots

Customers using Telema MMT solutions

Telema MMT - Svensky
Telema MMT - No Lihatstus
Telema MMT - Jungent
Telema MMT - Premia
Telema MMT - Salestar
Telema MMT - Balsnack
Telema MMT - Mayeri
Telema MMT - Fazer
Telema MMT - Royal Unibrew
Telema MMT - Suva
Telema MMT - Sirowa

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