5 reasons for choosing Telema eFlow


  1. Ease of use
    In addition to bookkeepers detailed functional requirements to invoice workflows this solution has been built to be easy and intuitive to use for every manager or specialist, degree in accounting is no longer a prerequisite. 

  2. Increased productivity in invoice handling process
    Easy to use automatic coding rules and approval flows remove annoying repetitive tasks from accountants everyday work. Accountants will have more time for advanced tasks, like financial planning.

  3. Invoice approval can be done everywhere
    Telema eFlow is an online tool and enables to approve invoices while in home-office or when travelling on the other side of the world.

  4. Better overview
    Invoice status and its current owner is always visible to all approvers in the workflow. It is impossible to lose an invoice.

  5. Universal tool
    Telema eFlow enables to handle paber, PDF and e-invoices with a single electronic solution. There will be no parallel processes and no need to work with high paperinvoice piles. 

Telema eFlow - probably the most beautiful invoice workflow in the world!