December 13, 2017
13.12.2017 Telema and Fitek cooperation gives a boost to e-invoicing in Latvia
E-invoice operators Telema and Fitek Latvija agreed on a strategic partnership making borderless e-invoicing available for their clients. While until recently, e-invoicing was limited to business partners inside one network, now Telema and Fitek Latvija networks are joined through the roaming agreement.
“Fitek Latvija is the biggest sales invoice solution provider in Latvia. Many big entities such as telecoms, banks and insurance companies are using Fitek's services to send out e-invoices. Our customers will now be able to get those e-invoices automatically to their accounting software, saving time and money", said Hele Hammer, CEO of Telema. "Similarly, Fitek's customers will be able to receive automatically e-invoices sent by Telema customers".

Edgars Strazds, Fitek Latvija's country manager, comments: "Telema and Fitek customers are now able to reach thousands of their partners over the roaming network. Our customers do not need to sign any additional contracts to benefit from the roaming agreements, and the fees for sending and receiving documents will remain the same as inside their home network”.

The wider effect of this cross-border partnership is due to the fact that it prepares for scaling up the e-invoicing system on an EU-level. The requirements for future e-invoicing have been agreed upon in Brussels and starting of 27th October 2018 – all contracting authorities in the EU will have to accept electronic invoices. Thorough cooperation, Telema and Fitek can prepare to provide the fullest effect of this regulation to our customers looking to leverage from EU-wide e-invoicing.

Vivian Maripuu, Telema's Partner Relations Manager and Edgars Strazds, Fitek's Managing Director

Telema AS